Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Yes I am stressed..!!!

Its almost 3am here and I am still up...lying in my bed and regretting most of my life's decisions. Perhaps these are the times that have always made me realize how senseless I have been throughout...an extra sensitive person who has always been a sweet girl, whose emotions are of no value to others. It feels so terrible and helpless...a loser, so timid and insignificant.

At times you are surrounded by a crowd yet so lonely. Banging behind closed doors...wanting to cry out loud but realizing that people are watching you, some to mock at you and others with expectations because they rely on you. All you do is to fake a smile, not because you want to, but to see a smile reflected on a loved one's face. At that moment you realize that life is not always a struggle and nor a bed of roses either, but a blend of both. Sweet and sour is the taste of life. Getting discouraged and hurt is for humans and hiding or expressing is out choice but winning is always by determination.

There are times when stress overpowers and the slightest odds in life are regretted, but dealing with it will eventually make you realize that the things / person you once cried and longed for are being replaced for good. Circumstances changes and in a blink of an eye things you once regretted or cried over being transformed into a blessing for you and others as well.

Trust in yourself and moreover trust in the Supreme power that has control over everything. Sometimes God does not want to give you what you 'desire' but what you 'deserve', because your desires may be few but you may deserve a lot more. God bless...!!!

Monday, 23 June 2014


"If you believe in a God who controls the big things, you have to believe in a God who controls the little things. It is we, of course, to whom things look 'little' or 'big'." - Elisabeth Elliot

Hello and welcome everyone. Myself Sibyl Briscoe from Lucknow (city of nawabs), India. Recently completed my M.Tech in Biotechnology and starting with this new interest of blog writing. Usually if I'm supposed to write something, I would probably have started with "how are you?", the most used sentence since I was a kid and used to write letters to my nani (grandmother). Here I would hope and pray that while you read this you are in the best of health and everything.

About myself I would say I am a believer, firmly believe in the existence of God, an optimist, although I rank myself as an introvert. So being an introvert I have a habit of writing my feelings in letters or diaries so as to convey to people to whom I wish would have been able to say in person. So the basic idea of posting / writing is to express my emotions, which are otherwise kept hidden.

Besides this, other activities that interests me are singing, playing certain musical instruments, dancing, sketching, hand crafts (making greeting cards and personalized handmade gifts), trying various cuisine and the list goes on and on...!!! So everything out here is totally personal and very much about me. Opinions, likes, dislikes, thoughts, complaints, all of it. I hope you will enjoy reading, getting inspired and motivated. God bless...!!!